Michael Zaino Republican GOP NH Candidate for Rockingham County Attorney Interviews

"The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom."


                           ~ Aristotle 

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Michael Zaino Republican GOP NH Candidate for Rockingham County Attorney Meet and Greet


The Rockingham County Attorney's responsibility is to work closely with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of the citizens of the county and to seek justice for both victims and those accused of committing crimes.

To accomplish these goals, the County Attorney should be someone experienced in prosecuting the most serious crimes. Someone with a proven track record of working with police agencies, victim services, and defense attorneys. In other words, when it comes to being County Attorney...experience matters.

Most of our constitutional protections are aimed at protecting those individuals accused of committing crimes. Therefore, the County Attorney should be a strong voice in advocating for the rights of victims of crime. Someone who has advocated for victims again and again, especially those that cannot speak for themselves.

I have been a prosecutor for over eight years and have prosecuted hundreds of serious felonies ranging from international drug trafficking organizations to armed home invasions and sexual assaults on children. I have repeatedly demonstrated my ability to lead investigations and prosecute offenders while working directly with law enforcement officers and victims in the pursuit of justice. Throughout my career, I have also organized, led, and participated in numerous training seminars with local police departments, the New Hampshire State Police, and the New Hampshire Bar Association.

The position of Rockingham County Attorney is not about politics, it is about leadership. In order to gain the respect of those one leads, one must lead by example. I have earned the respect of fellow prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and defense attorneys. I have dedicated my career to fighting for victims and justice in the courtroom and that is what I will continue to do as County Attorney.

I am running for the office of Rockingham County Attorney because the citizens of Rockingham County deserve an experienced, dedicated prosecutor who truly believes in the office and the important work it does. As a member of this community I am committed to being a strong advocate for victims of crime and leading the Rockingham County Attorney's Office with dignity and integrity.

Therefore, I sincerely ask for your vote at the Sept. 9th primary.

Michael J. Zaino 

Rockingham County Attorney Candidate for the Republican GOP Primary Race